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High quality Automotive aluminum of Henan Xinyu with factory price


Henan Xinyu production of automotive parts with aluminum 3003 aluminum, 3104 aluminum, 3105 aluminum, 5757 aluminum, 5052 aluminum, 6061 aluminum and other alloy grades, automotive fuel tank material 3003 aluminum, 5754 aluminum, 5052 alloy grades, automotive aluminum components with Aluminum has 3104 aluminum, 3105 grades, 6061 car pedals, in addition to 5 series alloy is also used for car slide aluminum, car guide and other purposes. Aluminum has good oxidation resistance, the surface of the aluminum to form a dense oxide film, and good to prevent the chemical reaction with the external substances, has good corrosion resistance. So it is also a good guarantee of the car's life. Xinyu Aluminum has signed long-term cooperation agreements with well-known domestic automobile manufacturers.

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