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Marine grade plate 5052 rust-proof aluminum


5052 AL-Mg aluminum alloy plate is the most widely used type of aluminum, the high strength of this alloy, especially with anti-fatigue strength: high plasticity and corrosion resistance, heat treatment can not be strengthened in the semi-cold Hardening plastic is still good, low plasticity when cold hardening, corrosion resistance, good weldability, machinability can be poor, can be polished.

5052 aluminum alloy plate, the most representative of the medium-strength alloys, corrosion resistance, good solderability and formability, especially high fatigue strength, good seawater resistance. Can be used for sheet metal, shipbuilding, vehicles, construction, bottle caps, honeycomb panels, trolley case, tank material, LCD backplane, tank material, door material. 5052 aluminum alloy corrosion resistance, cutting for surface modification, is the most promising alloy.

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