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Xinyu Aluminum 1100h18/h16 alloy for Aluminum composite panel


Aluminum composite panel, also known as aluminum-plastic composite plate. Aluminum-plastic composite board is composed of both inside and outside the aluminum alloy plate, low density polyethylene core and adhesive composite light wall decoration materials. As a new type of building materials, aluminum-plastic panels are widely used in building exterior wall decoration, signs, panels, advertising boards, building partitions, interior wall decorative panels, etc.

Xinyu Aluminum mainly produce aluminum plain plate, not produce aluminum plate production profiles, but Xinyu aluminum plate can be used in the production of 1100h18 / 16 alloy, a thickness of 0.016-0.1mm, width up to 1240mm, the production version of the requirements strict, non-black plate bright lines, plate-type flat pinhole, moisture-proof packaging to avoid oxidation.

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