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Henan Xinyu China 5083 h321 marine grade aluminum sheet in Southeast Asia


Henan Xinyu China 5083 h321 marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturers and suppliers

Xinyu Al. is both a China 5083 h321 marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier with 20 years experience. So factory price is available. Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality. Xinyu Al. can manufacture China 5083 h321 marine grade aluminum sheet in Southeast Asia with many alloy and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers’ need.

At the beginning of its establishment, Henan Xinyu Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. attached great importance to the development of overseas markets. It is one of the first domestic private aluminum processing enterprises to enter the international market. After more than 20 years of development, Henan Xinyu China 5083 h321 marine grade aluminum sheet in Southeast Asia has been keeping up with the trend of the times, actively innovating, and upgrading its products. As early as 2015, Xinyu  Aluminum has launched the “1+1 hot rolling production line”, which is a special Production line for wide and thick plates. As we all know, marine aluminum plates are mostly 3-200mm thick plates, the width of aluminum plates varies from 1500-2600mm, and Mingtai's "1+1 hot rolling production line" project is very suitable for the aluminum plate width and thickness requirements of marine aluminum plates. In 2017, Xinyu  Aluminum also introduced China's fourth ultra-wide 2650mm German SMS six-roll cold rolling mill, which was successfully put into operation, which made Henan Xinyu China 5083 h321 marine grade aluminum sheet in Southeast Asia wider and better. The surface is smoother and more delicate, and the antiseptic effect is better.

Xinyu aluminum is a professional ship boat Aluminum Sheet Manufacturers in china, There are Henan Xinyu China 5083 h321 marine grade aluminum sheet in Southeast Asia to promote the best prices and services for you.

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