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Factory price 6061 quenched tensile Aluminum Sheet for Automobiles in Xinyu


6061 quenched tensile plate has good forming performance and bake-hardening performance. It is widely used in such applications as engine covers, doors, trunk lids, roofs, etc., and automotive body panels (especially outer panels). It is used exclusively for automotive aluminum plate material.


Xinyu Aluminum 6061 quenched tensile plate can be used in various parts and bodies of automobiles. The edging is an important process in the assembly and lamination process of the inner and outer plates of automobile body covers. It is important to measure the quality of the edging performance of the 6061 quenched tensile plate. The index is the bending limit. In general, the 6061 aluminum plate in the O state is the softest and is suitable for all kinds of bending process. 6061 lightweight automotive aluminum plates for different alloy states and properties are used in different aspects in automotive manufacturing.

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