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The development of aluminumindustry2 “Internet +”


"Internet +" impacts on aluminum industry procurement and supply chain 

"Big data", "cloud computing" collect the information of place,price, product quality and so on. And It can be integrated and filtered the purchase information by a logical method. The information such as price, quality can be more transparent. "Big data", "cloud computing" bring a better choice to our way of purchasing.

"Internet +" impacts on aluminum processing and marketing

With the high development of the Internet market ,  the traditional single marketing model for aluminum processing market cannot satisfy the enterprise development needs already . A lot of aluminum processing enterprises begun to focus on marketing into network marketing the new model. They hope to use the Internet to expand market share, brand promotion, raise awareness, etc. with the help of B2B, B2C e-commerce platform for marketing, the emerging mobile Internet and the public platform for marketing from the media and so on .


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