Color Mirror Aluminum Sheet and Coil

Our company specialized in aluminum coil /sheet/foil product

Color Mirror Aluminum Sheet and Coil


Width:50 - 1250mm


Weight:500kg - 3000kg / pallet

Temper:O - H18

Reflective rate:Above 86%

Color:Gold, Blue, Green, Red, etc

Surface treatment:Polished and coated

Painting type:Roller coated

Color Coating thickness:8μm, 16μm, 25μm

specification or package can be produced as your request.


Our products have high reflection rate, excellent high temperature tolerance and yellowing resistance.

The sheets can be coated with different color and cut into different sizes according to the specific requirements.


Application of color mirror aluminum:

* Lighting: Such as grille lamp, lampshade, grille, diffuser of fluorescent lamp

* Reflector plate of solar energy * Exterior of construction

* Interior decoration, such as aluminum buckle plate, ceiling, curtain wall

* Elevator * Nameplate

* The face panel of household appliance, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc.


1) Excellent machining properties;

2) Easy to weld;

3) Suitable to marine and low temp applications;

4) Good for anodic reaction.

Packing & Transportation Details: 

1) Interleave paper between each sheet. (Optional for Cold Rolled Sheet).

2) Plate/coil is placed to the iron or wooden pallet, wrapped by water-proof craft paper and fixed by iron belt.

3) Port: Qingdao port or other main ports in China

4) Container: 20ft GP:5898mm (Length)x2352mm (Width)x2393mm (Height), loading 18~25 tons.

40ft GP:12032mm (Length)x2352mm (Width)x2393mm (Height), loading 20~28 tons.





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