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Aluminum bottle cap material


Are you still using the plastic caps?Aluminum alloy anti-theft bottle cap, understand!The aluminum alloy anti-theft bottle cover is made of high quality special aluminum alloy, which is mainly used for the packaging of liquor, beverage and medicine and health care products, and can meet the special requirements of high temperature cooking and sterilization.

Aluminum bottle caps have very strict requirements for material strength, elongation and dimensional deviation during processing, or they will break or crease during processing.In order to ensure easy printing after the forming of the bottle cap, the material surface of the bottle cap is required to be flat, without rolling mark, scratch and stain. Generally, the alloy state adopted is 8011H14, 3003H16, etc. The material specification is generally 0.20mm ~ 0.23mm and the width is 449mm ~ 796mm.At present, most of the packaging of Chinese liquor, wine, pharmaceutical liquor and beverage is still made of glass bottles, and the caps are made of aluminum.

The aluminum base material for bottle cap is one of the superior products of xinyu aluminum co., LTD. The company is equipped with ultra-long cleaning line and domestic leading cutting shears to ensure that the surface of the product is oily clean and the ear-making rate is low.The aluminum products for bottle caps produced and supplied by xinyu are mainly 1060,3003,3104,3105,5052,5182,8011 and other products. The material state is H14, H16, H18 and H19, the thickness is 0.012-0.5 and the width is 100-1600mm.The aluminum base material for bottle caps produced by our company is widely used in the fields of wine bottle caps, medicine bottle caps, cosmetics bottle caps and beverage aluminum bottle caps.High quality, preferential price, welcome to purchase!

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