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All aluminium TV cabinet


If used to put TV, with the improvement of people's living standard, the electrical equipment of TV matching with corresponding appear, lead to the use of TV ark from single to diversified development, is no longer a single put TV purposes, but TV, set-top boxes, DVD, audio equipment, discs and other products to receive and display.A more balanced use of presentation.TV ark is a kind of furniture, because people do not satisfy the furniture that produces with the TV randomly, also have called audio-visual ark.The TV cabinet and the living room unit and so on.

According to the structure can be divided into the ground cabinet type, the combination type, the board type and so on several kinds.


The cabinet

Cabinet with its shape TV ark and ground ark substantially similar, now living in the life to use most, the most common form of TV ark, the cabinet of the biggest advantages of TV ark is to be able to have very good adornment effect, whether it's in the living room or in the bedroom, it will take up very little space have the best adornment effect.



Modular TV ark is traditionally cabinet TV ark of a kind of sublimation products, is also in recent years the most popular consumer favorite TV ark, combined the characteristics of TV ark is the combination of two words, combined type TV ark can and wine, household adornment ark and ground ark cabinet together form a unique TV ark.When your sitting room is put a set of ark of the ground ark and wine ark combination of the TV ark is put in where is very attractive eyeball!



  1. The characteristics of the panel TV cabinet are similar to that of the TV cabinet type TV cabinet in general, mainly because the material used is the design of panel structure, which is more prominent in practicality and durability.
  2. The material can be divided into steel wood structure, glass/steel pipe, marble structure and plate structure.With the development of The Times, more and more new materials and technologies are used in the design of TV cabinet, which shows its importance in furniture decoration and practicality.

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